How we make decisions

Information relating to the ICB decision-making processes and records of decisions can be found on the following pages:

  • The ICB Board is responsible for the formal decision-making of the ICB.  For meeting dates, agendas and board papers click here

  • The ICB’s Decision Log which contains information on decisions made at Committees will be available here.

  • Reports from ICB Committees presented to the ICB Board will also available to view here

  • The ICB’s Engagement Strategy describes how the ICB will engage and involve the local population to ensure the ICB offers the best services to meet their needs and is available here

  • We want patients and the public to influence the delivery of local NHS services and feedback on their experiences well into the future. We will also be working with Healthwatch, the replacement body for Local Involvement Networks (LINks), to continue developing high quality services which meet local needs.

    Information regarding how we engage with patients and public will be available here.

    Engagement regarding current work is published on our website along with any questionnaires.  Previous engagement analysis and results will be published here.

  • The ICB’s internal communications guidance and criteria used for decision-making is set out in the ICB’s policies and procedures which are available here