Public Questions and Petitions for the Integrated Care Board Meetings

Our Integrated Care Board (ICB) board meetings will be streamed live on our website. Board meetings whilst held in public, are not public meetings. This means that members of the public can view the meeting by following the web link but there will not be an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the board or take part in the discussion. 

A section on public questions is included on each agenda of the board. The agenda, papers and web link are published on the ICB website a week ahead of the meeting. Members of the public can ask up to two questions in relation to the published agenda and pack. A maximum of five questions will be answered at each meeting. We ask that these are questions rather than statements to allow the maximum number of questions and to allow for responses.

To allow full responses to be given on the day of the meeting, we ask that any questions are received by 2pm on the Friday before the Wednesday Board meeting or three clear working days in advance.

Questions must show the name and address of the person submitting the question and, if submitted on behalf of an organisation, the organisation’s address must also be stated. Questions should be clearly marked as “Question for the ICB Board” and sent to: or sent by post to:

Director of Governance and Board Secretary, Health House, Grange Park Road, Willerby, HU10 6DT

Questions shall not be responded to if the Board Chair deems that the question:

  1. is not about a matter for which the ICB is responsible.
  2. relates to quasi-judicial matters e.g. (current or potential legal proceedings or consultations).
  3. is directly about party political matters.
  4. is defamatory, frivolous, or offensive.
  5. has been asked in another ICB board or committee meeting held in public or is substantially the same as a question asked within the last six months.
  6. requests the disclosure of information, which is confidential or exempt or names, or clearly identifies, a member of staff or any other individual.

If a reply cannot conveniently be given orally or the time allocated for questions has elapsed, a written reply will be sent within a month of the meeting, providing that contact information has been provided.

A log of questions submitted to the Board will also be published.


Petitions can be submitted in the same way as a question. Where a petition has been received by the ICB it shall be included as an item for the agenda of the next meeting of the Board. For further information please see the following link: Meetings and Papers – Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)

For further information on this guidance and for the submission of questions please contact the Corporate Affairs team: